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Tremulous Speech

Kelly Agra | 28 August 2021

In this Beyond the Ghetto webinar entitled "Tremulous Speech", held online in 28 August 2021, I spoke for the first time about my concept of 'epistemic paralysis' to a public audience. My friend, Dr. Christine Tan at Yale-NUS, kindly invited me to join her in this lecture. I wrote a separate piece, but it was also an engagement with the important ideas she laid out in her piece about marginalization in Philosophy, particularly in the context of Chinese Philosophy.

Reflecting on the webinar, Pamela Joy (PJ) Mariano Capistrano of the Université de Namur, Belgium and Ateneo de Manila University, writes a touching and incisive essay about the experience of epistemic paralysis as pagkukubli and pagkikimkim. In this piece, PJ speaks of a philosophical institutions' active ignorance of the demands for child care support for parent-professors as well as protests against sexual misconduct by professors within the said institution. Such institutional inaction, she alludes, is a paradigm example of why marginalized individuals and communities may be inhibited to speak.



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My research falls at the intersection of Critical Social Theory and Social Epistemology, but with specific attention to Decolonial and Feminist Critique. In my work, I develop the concepts of "(Mis)education" and "Epistemic Paralysis".

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