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"A (Feminist) Liberatory Approach to Epistemology"

Kelly Agra | 6 December 2022

Here's a brief overview of my article, Agra, K. (2020). "Epistemic Injustice, Epistemic Paralysis, and Epistemic Resistance: A (Feminist) Liberatory Approach to Epistemology" in Kritike's special issue on Women and Philosophy Vol 14 No 1 (June 2020). This video interview was filmed with in 6 December 2022.

(I apologise for the ableism in my language in this article. I am now actively correcting this in my work and in my circles)

...this marks the beginning of my road to feminism.



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My research falls at the intersection of Critical Social Theory and Social Epistemology, but with specific attention to Decolonial and Feminist Critique. In my work, I develop the concepts of "(Mis)education" and "Epistemic Paralysis".

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